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Injured in a Motorcycle Accident in Missouri or Northern Illinois?

Motorcycle and bike accidents are unique in that the rider is in a much more vulnerable position than a person driving an automobile. There is no such thing as a “fender bender” motorcycle accident. Motorcycle drivers and passengers incur catastrophic injuries at much higher rates than those in conventional automobiles. Studies have also shown that drivers of automobiles often fail to perceive motorcycles even when they are looking right at them. Our brains are so used to seeing cars in the context of driving that we can block out the visual cues that should let a driver know there is a motorcycle right in front of them. This is an extremely dangerous situation and leads to the classic case of the driver pulling out in front of a motorcycle and the car driver afterword stating “I just didn’t see him.”

Was your husband, wife, son or daughter seriously injured, such as with a brain injury or a spinal cord injury, in a Missouri or Illinois bike or car crash? Talk to a motorcycle accident attorney in St. Louis who has successfully handled many other motorcycle accident cases.

It has also been our experience that, after an accident, everyone seems to want to blame the motorcyclist for the collision. Motorcyclists can be perceived as “free spirits” and even reckless. When an accident happens, many people — including the police — have a subconscious tendency to be critical of the motorcycle driver. We have been involved in cases where we proved the police report was incorrect and were able to show that the motorcycle driver did nothing wrong and the driver of the car caused the accident.

You may be in a state of shock if your loved one was seriously injured or killed in a motorcycle accident. There are so many problems and questions to deal with that it’s hard to know where to start. Talking to an attorney with experience in these types of cases is the first step toward truly providing for your and your loved one’s needs, both short term and long term.

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