Abuse and Neglect


It is one thing to suffer a serious injury in a car accident or workplace fire or explosion. As regrettable as such incidents are, one does not usually suspect a fellow human being of having planned to cause harm to the injured person. It is another thing altogether to be injured by another human being through blatant abuse or gross neglect, in which case, you may want to contact an abuse attorney.

When a day care provider, a professional, a teacher, coach, counselor or random stranger causes harm through assault, sexual assault or withholding of needed care including nutrition or hydration, the injured person and his or her family are likely to suffer emotional harm as well as physical harm.

If you were seriously injured or made ill or if a family member was killed or seriously injured through any of the following types of circumstances, talk to an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney. You may have recourse to civil penalties and compensation in addition to any criminal charges that may come from an investigation into the abuse or neglect.

For the Missouri Department of Social Service and Abuse Hotline, visit their website. In Illinois, visit the Illinois Department of Human Services.

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Whether you were physically or emotionally injured or a family member was catastrophically injured or killed in an abuse situation, please contact a St. Louis abuse attorney at the Missouri and Illinois negligence law firm of Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez & Leonard. A thorough investigation may uncover a pattern of abuse affecting other clients or patients, as well. We can help you pursue and obtain compensation for your injuries and losses. Se habla español.

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