Bad Faith Insurance


When you have faithfully paid premiums to an insurer, you rightfully expect that insurer to make good on any potential claims. Whether it is auto insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance or professional malpractice insurance, you have the right to expect an insurance company to fulfill the terms of its insurance policies. If you are injured, your medical bills should be paid — according to policy terms. If your house burned down, it should be repaired or rebuilt as agreed upon through the policy.

Conflicts often arise when insurers and insured parties disagree on interpretations of term policies. Insurers are masters at finding loopholes and excuses not to pay. In some instances the insurer of the person causing your injury attempts to avoid their duty to defend and indemnify their insured. They may say that your claim is not covered or is excluded from coverage under the terms of the policy.

In Missouri, there are statutory tools that may allow you to overcome the insurers’ tactics. We have entered into special agreements with defendants allowed under Missouri law to go after their insurers who have refused to provide them coverage. Our lawyers have been extremely successful in handling these complicated and difficult cases.

When our clients’ insurers pull out obscure technicalities in thinly veiled attempts to renege on their own insurance policy terms, Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez & Leonard, P.C., is ready to fight back. We have heard far too many flimsy excuses for denying our clients’ legitimate claims for benefits after they have been injured through others’ negligence or suffered economic losses due to professional malpractice.

Our St. Louis bad faith insurance and claim denial attorneys regularly take insurers to court. We file bad faith insurance lawsuits against them on behalf of our clients — and very often win damages for those clients.

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