Birth Injury


Was your baby born in distress or stillborn? Have you been wondering whether medical negligence may have been a factor in your child’s current medical condition? Talk to an experienced birth injury lawyer about factors to investigate and consider such as the following:

  • Was fetal monitoring neglected during labor?
  • Was failure to diagnose preeclampsia a factor?
  • Did the mother suffer a stroke or embolism, or die, during or soon after birth because of an undiagnosed or improperly managed condition such as gestational diabetes?
  • Was a delayed C-Section a cause of a birth injury?
  • Did the OB/GYN fail to anticipate the need for a C-section despite warning signs present during prenatal care?
  • Did an ectopic pregnancy go undetected long enough to lead to injury to the mother?
  • Were the mother and baby properly evaluated in their pre-natal visits

In minutes, a baby’s future prospects can be seriously diminished as a result of lack of oxygen or damage to nerves caused by forceps or other faulty birthing maneuvers by an obstetrician or by a delay in performing an urgently needed C-Section. A hypoxic or anoxic brain injury occurring in the uterus or in the birth canal during labor and delivery can cause irreversible damage and disability for a newborn. There are certain medical conditions that can be directly caused by problems during the birth of a child including:

For comprehensive information on birth injuries, visit Birth Injury Guide, an advocacy group for those facing these types of situations.

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