Burns & Scarring


Accidents Causing Burns and Scarring

Burns can lead to horribly devastating injuries. Skin grafts are often necessary to restore the victim to health — but even with skin grafts, there may be significant disfigurement and permanent loss of function in the cases of severe burns and scarring. Repeated surgeries may be necessary to bring about the maximum improvement attainable. In the case of a child with a burn injury, plastic surgery may be required far into the future. In addition the horrific physical damage inflicted by these types of injuries can often result in psychological trauma with the need for treatment and counseling.

Negligence may have played a part in your burn injury, in the following situations:

  • A property owner, manager, manufacturer, installer or repair person was negligent in some way that resulted in fire
  • Your landlord did not have working smoke detectors in your home or apartment complex.
  • product, such as a space heater or electronic device, used at home, in your workplace, in your car or in public may have malfunctioned or been manufactured in a negligent manner

Insurance claims adjusters know the stress that you are under, and will tempt you with what sounds like a large settlement very soon after the accident. Do not assume that they are acting in your best interest. Their job is to minimize pay-out of benefits. A personal injury attorney on your side can represent your best interests and, through extensive consultation with your doctors, help ensure that you do not accept less than adequate compensation.

Be sure to read more about burn prevention at BurnPrevention.org.

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