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Did You Suffer a Head Injury in an Accident?

To casual observers, a car accident victim with a mild head injury may appear to be fine after a period of time. After all there are no noticeable scars, bruises or lacerations. Nonetheless, the victim may complain of dizziness and display disorientation, suffer from short-term memory loss, depression or personality changes. All of these can be signs of a closed head brain injury caused by what appears to be minor trauma. These symptoms are often related to a phenomenon known as “axonal sheering” in which small fibers of brain cells are torn and disrupted. This tearing prevents the cells of the brain from acting together and disrupts the ability of parts of the brain to communicate with each other in the normal fashion.

The evaluation of a closed head injury, no matter which end of the spectrum it falls in, is challenging and often requires the help of neuropsychologists, CT scans and MRIs. Such injuries inhibit you from returning to work or holding down a job. Despite the absence of a physical injury, closed head injuries have serious consequences.

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