Construction Equipment Accidents


A construction accident resulting in serious injury can bring a busy construction site to an abrupt halt. The best time for a lawyer to begin an investigation into the causes of a construction accident is right away. Otherwise, it is practically a given that management will quickly clean up, repair and otherwise put the scene of a construction accident back to “normal” as soon a possible. The opportunity may be lost to gather valuable evidence such as:

  • Fresh eyewitness testimony
  • Photographs and credible descriptions of conditions at the scene of an accident
  • Equipment and machinery

A construction accident may trigger a workers’ compensation claim. There also may be a Federal OSHA investigation or a site visit from a state agency. In addition, if a third party (a person or entity other than the employer) was partially or totally responsible for an accident, there may be a third party liability claim.

Defective equipment at a construction site is often found to have caused an accident that seriously injured or killed a worker. Injuries such as amputations, crush injuries, burn injuries, back and neck injuries, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries can bring great expense and loss to an entire family.

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Note: A recent decision of the Missouri Supreme Court has clarified the court’s position that an injured construction worker may be able to bring an injury claim against a co-employee if facts of the case warrant it. An injury claim against a co-employee will be separate from the workers’ compensation claim in connection with the employer’s responsibility. Is this court decision relevant to the facts of your construction accident case? Ask an attorney.

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