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Dangerous Drugs Lawyers in St. Louis

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers fail to adequately evaluate adverse drug side effects — or they do so and choose to ignore those effects, in violation of the mandates of the Federal Drug Administration. The result can be serious injuries or even death.

Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez & Leonard is a firm that obtains compensation and justice for victims of negligence. We are experienced pharmaceutical litigation attorneys who obtain compensation for people who have suffered serious injuries as the result of adverse drug side effects. We also represent the families of wrongful death victims.

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Drug interactions can have unforeseen side effects. Your doctor has a responsibility to recognize potentially harmful side effects. Our firm can represent you.

Protect Your Rights and Ability to Obtain Compensation

If you have suffered serious side effects from a medication you are taking, you should do the following:

  • Read the drug advisory notice that your pharmacy has provided with your medication.
  • This “black box” advisory will list some possible side effects, but it may not list all of them. Write down any unusual changes in your physical or mental condition.
  • Talk with your doctor as soon as possible.
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You may be able to obtain compensation for your losses and suffering.

Experienced Advocates for Victims of Dangerous Drugs

Our attorneys vigorously represent people in cases involving dangerous drugs and pharmaceutical products.

We will undertake a thorough investigation of the drug’s adverse effects. Aided by experts in pharmaceutical products and medical specialists, we will document possible negligence by the manufacturer. We will also place a full value on all your losses — and we will fight for you. Our goal will be to obtain maximum compensation for you.

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