Dangerous Drugs & Pharmaceutical Products


Were You Injured or Did a Loved One Die as a Result of a Medication Mistake?

Negligence and errors involving medications can occur in a variety of ways including during the manufacture or formulation of the medicine, the administration of the proper medication and dosage by health care providers and the appropriate dispensation of the medication by the pharmacy, and can lead to the development of dangerous drugs and pharmaceutical products.

Large pharmaceutical companies invest tens of millions of dollars in researching and developing new drugs. We would all like to believe that if they were to discover a problem with their product they would make it known to the public, the medical community and the FDA. Sadly, this has not always been the case.

The Food and Drug Administration is the watch dog agency that is supposed to keep the public safe from overzealous manufacturers who put their own profits ahead of public safety. However, this government agency is overworked and understaffed and we have seen many examples of dangerous medications making it to market with FDA approval. The pharmaceutical industry is a Billion dollar business. They have a lot of time and money invested in their drugs and if you are going to take them on you had better be prepared. You need attorneys with the resources and experience it takes on your side.

If you were harmed or lost a family member as a result of a medication error, your injury or the fatality in the family may have been a result of negligence by one or more of the following:

The drug manufacturer

  • Was the medication dangerous or mislabeled?
  • Were appropriate warnings given to consumers and doctors about all the possible side effects and interactions with other drugs?
  • Was the medication appropriately studied and tested before it was sold to the public or was it rushed by the FDA with limited information?
  • Was the drug recalled — but not in time to save you or your family member from harm?

The prescribing physician

  • Was the patient properly screened?
  • Did a drug allergy go undetected?
  • Was the wrong medication prescribed?
  • Was a wrong dosage prescribed?
  • Did the medicine interact with another drug that had been prescribed?

The pharmacy

  • Did the pharmacist fail to warn the customer of potential side effects?
  • Did the pharmacist fail to fill the prescription properly?
  • Did the pharmacist fail to screen for potential interactions with alcohol or over-the-counter medications that the patient was taking?

Hospital personnel

  • Improper administration by nurse or doctor in a hospital or nursing home
  • Improper administration by an anesthesiologist or respiratory therapist

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For more consumer friendly information on approved drugs, side effects, potential warnings and safe use, visit the FDA’s page on consumer products.

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