Day Care Abuse


Any reasonable person understands the critical importance of and need for quality care and supervision of young children. When parents work outside the home and children are cared for in home day cares or institutional settings, the parents rely on the professional competence of the caregivers. Licensure of day care providers is one way that both Missouri and Illinois seek to safeguard children.

Unfortunately, sometimes children are harmed through neglect or abuse in home day cares as well as day care institutions. Babies have suffocated from being over swaddled or strapped into car seats for nap time. Children have fallen out of cribs or out of trees as a result of inadequate care and supervision.

Read up on how to tell if something is wrong with your child at BabyCenter.

You may hesitate to bring legal action against a caregiver whom you had grown to trust. However, if you child needs medical care as a result of an incident at a day care, or if you want to help protect future children at the same day care, you may decide that talking to a lawyer is the right thing to do.

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Was your child assaulted in an after-school program? Was your child one of several who was targeted for sexual abuse in a home day care? Did your baby suffocate in a playpen during nap time at a day care institution? Whatever the circumstances, Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez & Leonard, P.C., can help get to the bottom of the Missouri or Illinois day care negligence.

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