Failure to Warn / Black Box Warnings


Manufacturers of medications have a duty to warn the public of known side effects and risks associated with drugs that they sell. We are all familiar with small-print warnings about side effects that may appear on packaging of over-the-counter and prescription drugs alike, also known as black box warnings.

With a prescription medication, patients often receive additional information on a paper printout or orally from the pharmacist. In addition, the FDA mandates black box warnings, or boxed warnings, detailing serious risks of certain drugs. For example, patients receiving the prescription drug Paxil should be warned in a black box of the risks of heart abnormalities in fetuses of women taking the medication in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Unfortunately, it seems that drug manufacturers often rush to get their drugs out to the market before taking the steps that they should to test and warn about risk factors such as the risk of Paxil taken early in pregnancy. Often, awareness and warnings come too late, after many consumers have already been exposed to the dangers of these drugs

Did you or your newborn suffer harm as a result of medications that you took? Did the manufacturer fail to warn you of serious risks in the form of product literature or a black box warning on the packaging as mandated by law? Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez & Leonard, P.C., encourages you to discuss your case with an experienced and knowledgeable pharmaceutical litigation attorney.

Did you suffer the consequences of an omission in a black box on prescription drugs issued in Illinois or Missouri? Failure to warn? Attorneys at our law firm can help determine whether the manufacturer did, in fact, fail to warn you as it should have.

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