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A simple thing such as a smoke or carbon monoxide detector can save lives. A defective smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector is a big safety hazard. Local fire and safety codes require a landlord to provide adequate smoke and fire detection devices to their tenants. Most people don’t realize that these same ordinances may put the burden on the landlord to regularly check and maintain these smoke detectors. Some laws do allow the landlord to put in the lease that it will be the tenants responsibility to change the batteries and check the smoke detectors but the landlord then has certain further responsibilities that he must comply with. Many landlords and apartment building owners in the St. Louis area fail to install or maintain detectors in their properties as required by the law. Their negligence can have devastating results to the tenants of that property.

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Lack of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Apartment Buildings

Building codes in St. Louis and other municipalities in the area require the installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in apartment buildings and other residences. These fire and safety codes spell out how many smoke and fire detectors are required and where they need to be placed.

We have experience working with fire departments, arson investigators, cause and origin experts and other third parties to investigate and determine the cause of a fire. Often these cases end up involving third party manufacturers because of a faulty breaker box, defective heater or a defect in some electronic or electrical product that caused a fire. In other cases the cause of the fire is not the focus but rather the landlord’s failure to provide adequate smoke and fire detection equipment or their failure to maintain it properly.

In your case, our attorneys will undertake a thorough investigation of the facts in order to document the building owner’s negligence. We will place a value on all your losses, including medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering for inclusion in your claim. Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez & Leonard will aggressively seek full and complete compensation for you.

Defective Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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