Rollover Accidents


SUV rollovers have been responsible for thousands of deaths on our highways since these vehicles became popular over the past few decades. Other types of cars and trucks are also capable of rolling over under certain circumstances. Rollover accidents and injuries caused by rollover crashes can occur because of a number of factors including:

  • Driver error
    • Speeding
    • Taking curves too tightly
    • Overcorrecting steering
    • Driving impaired
    • Driving distracted
  • Being forced off the road by a driver of another vehicle
  • Collision with road construction barriers and other guardrails and guard walls
  • Instability of the car, truck or SUV
    • Tread separation
    • Defect in a car’s dynamic control system
    • Poor crashworthiness
    • Defective auto design, including top-heavy design and unreinforced roofs, susceptible to roof crush
    • Sudden loss of power while traveling at a high speed

Rollover accidents often result in fatalities and severe injuries. When car or truck roofs are well reinforced and occupants of a vehicle are wearing seat belts and/or shoulder belts that work correctly, injuries may be relatively minor. Occasionally, people walk away from rollover accidents with little or no harm done.

If you have arrived at this web page after a Kansas City rollover crash or a St. Louis rollover accident, lawyers at the law firm of Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez & Leonard, P.C., are available to evaluate your case and make recommendations about how to pursue maximum available compensation from any and all sources. You may have an injury claim against another driver, against an automotive manufacturer, against a road construction company or against a municipality or other government agency. A detailed investigation into the precise causes of the rollover accident is a first step toward recovering the damages that you need.

Read more about crash avoidance, laws and regulations and special crash investigations from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

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