Labor and Delivery Errors


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Labor is a natural process, but many deliveries require the attentive and watchful care of an obstetrician. If the delivering physician makes a mistake, the resulting labor and delivery errors can result in serious complications to mother or child, or even death.

At Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez & Leonard, we are experienced advocates for victims of medical negligence. For more than 30 years, our firm has sought compensation and answers for people who have suffered losses at the hands of negligent doctors and medical providers.

Types of Labor and Delivery Errors

Our firm represents people in cases involving all types of labor and delivery errors, including:

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In Shahan vs. Washington University, our firm won a $647,000 jury award for a “lost chance of survival” of a child who suffered brain injury during birth, which caused her death six months later.

Advocates for Birth Injury Victims

Our attorneys have extensive experience advocating on behalf of medical malpractice and birth injury victims. We will work to build a strong and persuasive case designed to obtain full compensation for your losses.

Obstetricians have a legal, professional and moral responsibility to act in their patients’ interests and to provide the expected standard of care. If a physician ignores a placental abruption, positions a baby’s head improperly during delivery, or ignores early, late or variable decelerations during a contraction, serious complications can result.

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