Traumatic Brain Injury

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At Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez & Leonard, our team of traumatic brain injury lawyers in St. Louis have experience helping victims and their families get compensation. We understand the complex medical aspects of such cases, the suffering of brain injury victims and the heartache that family members experience. We also know how to properly evaluate these injuries and get the medical care and compensation that brain injury victims deserve.

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Why Should I Hire An Attorney?

The effects of a brain injury can be sudden and dramatic, or they can be subtle and appear only with the passing of time. Cognitive difficulties, memory loss, changes in personality and loss of reasoning ability and judgment are very common. Brain injury victims can suffer severe emotional effects as well.

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Whatever the particular circumstances of the case, it is important to obtain a comprehensive evaluation by medical experts in order to determine the full extent of the injury. Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez & Leonard will work closely with appropriate medical experts, including brain injury specialists and neuropsychologists, to document the extent of the injury and its effects.

Our team of traumatic brain injury lawyers will place a priority on helping your loved one get all of the medical treatment, rehabilitation services and other care he or she needs. To identify these needs, we will work with a life care planner. This medical professional map out an in-depth listing of all of the care and services your loved one will need over the course of his or her lifetime. This could include vocational training or other care that can make a real difference in your loved one’s life.

Our attorneys will seek full and complete compensation for these services, as well as for lost income and pain and suffering.

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