Overloaded Trucks & Falling Debris


Overloading or Falling Debris

Big rig trucks lumbering across our nation’s interstates and other highways do so under well-defined trucking regulations designed to protect other drivers on the road. Trucking regulations spell out how trucks should be maintained, how much rest a truck driver should have before taking to the highway, and how cargo should be loaded and secured. Weight regulations, tie-down regulations and red-flag rules for irregular size cargo all work to keep us safe.

Trucking accidents can occur due to any of the following:

  • The truck was overloaded and skidded out of control as a result of the extra weight
  • Debris fell from the overloaded truck because it was not properly secured
  • Oversized cargo was not properly secured or was not marked with a red flag according to regulations
  • Cargo inside a tractor trailer was not strapped in place as required resulting in shifting of the cargo and loss of control by the driver or even in the truck overturning
  • An amateur driving a U-Haul trailer did not keep it properly secured (or personnel at the rental place did not properly secure it) to his or her own vehicle — and it came loose on the highway
  • A landscaping or construction vehicle failed to cover the load causing debris to be spewed on the highway as the overloaded truck moved from one job site to another
  • A boat being pulled by a car or truck jackknifed on the highway

If you or a loved one was injured or killed when a negligent truck driver or other person or entity failed to follow the rules, your family’s life is forever changed and challenged. Our personal injury attorneys bring more than 30 years’ experience to the task of helping you pursue and obtain compensation after a serious accident such as a truck accident causing brain injury or spinal cord injury.

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