You Be The Judge – Decide Who Wins the Case of The Spooky Dog in the Night

Phineas McSpookster lives in an old Victorian house located on 1313 Mockingbird Lane in the City of St. Louis.  Phineas really likes Halloween. I mean Phineas REALLY REALLY likes Halloween. Every year his home is a monument to the undead, with tombstones and Zombies in the front yard, ghosts hanging from trees and fog and eerie music accompanying you as you walk up the path to the house.

This year Phineas happens to be taking care of his sister’s dog, Charon, named after the Greek mythological character that paddles the deceased across the river Styx on their way into Hades.   Charon is a Wolfadoodle. A hulking mass of hair and gleaming fangs who is thought to be a direct descendant of the Hound of the Baskervilles. Phineas’ sister warned him that Charon is prone to random acts of violence, does not like children and has his photo posted in the local post office.  Nevertheless, Phineas decides that Halloween is simply too good of an opportunity to not showcase this dog’s talents and decides to dress him up as one of the flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz and have him chained up by the front door to greet visitors.   Phineas does take the precaution of chaining Charos up 5 feet away with a 3-foot chain, so if he decides to attack he will be held back and not be able to reach the kids at the front door.

The ill fated night arrives and Bobby Bruiser, the 12 year old neighborhood tough guy and bully, decides he wants to have some fun with the dog and starts pelting him in the head with Milk Duds.  Of course we all know how this sad story ends.  Charon lunges forward, the chain snaps and Bobby is mauled by the dog and left with $25,000 in hospital bills, a three inch scar on his left cheek and a permanent fear of flying monkeys and large dogs.