Birth injuries are some of the most devastating cases we deal with because they involve injuries to a baby that can result in death or a lifelong disability. Fetal distress that’s ignored or not handled appropriately can have devastating consequences if it results in a lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain.  This can result in a hypoxic brain injury or a condition called cerebral palsy, which can affect not only the child’s cognitive abilities, but also his or her ability to walk or use their arms.

Birth injuries can be life-altering tragedies for the baby and family that will be taking care of that child for the rest of their life.  If your child has suffered a birth injury and you think it was due to a mistake or negligence, it’s important to have an experienced lawyer and their team of experts look over the records.

The team of lawyers at Devereaux, Stokes have been dealing with personal injury cases, including labor and delivery errors and birth injuries, for over 40 years. We work closely with victims and their families to help them get the compensation they deserve and will be needed to take care of their child.

What can a birth injury lawyer investigate?

There are many factors that can lead to a birth injury. Our lawyers will approach your case from all angles and find answers to these important questions:

  • Was failure to diagnose preeclampsia a factor?
  • Did the mother suffer a stroke or embolism, or die, during or soon after birth because of an undiagnosed or improperly managed condition such as gestational diabetes?
  • Where there signs of fetal distress that were disregarded?
  • Was a delayed C-Section a cause of a birth injury?
  • Did the OB/GYN fail to anticipate the need for a C-section despite warning signs present during prenatal care?
  • Did an ectopic pregnancy go undetected long enough to lead to injury to the mother?
  • Were the mother and baby properly evaluated in their prenatal visits?
  • Was the labor and delivery performed in the proper manner?

Once we determine the cause of a birth injury, we will further investigate to ensure liable parties are held responsible for their actions.

There are certain medical conditions that can be directly caused by problems during the birth of a child, including:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erbs palsy
  • Lifelong physical or motor deficits
  • Nerve Damage
  • Cognitive impairment or mental or emotional development issues
  • Learning disabilities

For comprehensive information on birth injuries, visit Birth Injury Guide, an advocacy group for those facing these types of situations.

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