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An injury or death caused by a dangerous product is a traumatic experience for both victims and their families. During this stressful time, it’s important to contact a knowledgeable product liability lawyer to help you understand your rights as a consumer and get compensation for your injuries. Our product liability lawyer has over 30 years of experience. Contact us to set up a free consultation.

When a company manufactures a product with the intent of selling it to the public for a profit, it has a duty to ensure that what it’s placing into the market is not unreasonably dangerous. Unfortunately, when cars, medical devices, pharmaceuticals or household items do not meet proper safety standards, they can lead to significant harm.Corporations that create harmful products must be held liable.

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Why Are Dangerous And Defective Products Sold In The First Place?

As consumers, we expect that the products we see on the shelves and buy for our families are safe. The public too often assumes that corporations and manufacturers have their best interests at heart.

Unfortunately, in certain cases, these companies care more about saving money and protecting their image than the safety and well-being of the public.

Companies are putting their financial interest ahead of your safety every day. They invest in the research and development of new products and getting them out to market. Admitting there’s a problem with one of their products not only has a direct impact on their bottom line, but can strain their relationship with distributors, wholesalers, their sales team, and retailers.

We’ve seen cases where large corporations knew they had dangerous products and made a conscious business decision that it would be less expensive to leave it on shelves and deal with the damage claims and lawsuits than to engage in a product recall that would protect the public.

Types of Product Liability

Problems with products can include malfunctions with how the device was manufactured, designed, tested, or a failure to give proper warnings or notice of dangers associated with use of the device.

What Types Of Dangerous Product Cases Do You Represent?

The types of cases our St. Louis product liability attorney handles include:

Medical and Surgical Devices

Pharmaceutical Products and Dangerous Medicines

Automobiles including crash worthiness, seat belt failure, fuel-fed fire, occupant ejection, tire blow outs and SUV roll-over cases.

Appliances and Electronic Equipment

Mobile Homes and Trailers, including fire worthiness claims

Industrial and Agricultural Equipment

Electrical cords, surge protectors, and power strips

House Hold equipment including baby furniture and window shades

Respirators and breathing equipment

Unfortunately, new product liabilities come to light on a daily basis. For an updated list of products that are seen as potentially dangerous, visit

Should I File A Claim With The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission?

Yes, we recommend filing a report to help hold the manufacturer liable and inform other consumers about dangerous products on the market.

However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is simply developing a database of harmful products and can’t guarantee that it will investigate every report submitted. Therefore, it’s important to contact an attorney to research your specific case and work to seek damages from the company responsible.

How Quickly Should I File A Product Liability Claim?

Statutes vary state-by-state. In Missouri, a product liability claim must be filed within five years of when an injury or death took place. We recommend contacting an attorney as soon as possible while the product details are easier to recall and to prevent any delays.

Damages in a Product Liability Suit

A product liability lawyer can help you earn compensation for the following:

Loss of wages due to injury

Medical bills

Emotional damages

Wrongful death

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