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Experiencing negligence, dishonesty, malpractice, or professional incompetence from a lawyer, insurance broker, or a member of another licensed profession can be devastating.  These are the types of professionals that we put our trust in and expect an extraordinarily high degree of competence and loyalty. When they abuse their position of trust to their clients it can be financially and emotionally devastating. During this frustrating time, you need the help of an experienced lawyer who can make up for losses and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Professional malpractice lawyer Gonzalo Fernandez has over 30 year of experience fighting for those who have been wronged by others. If you believe you have experienced any sort of malpractice by an attorney or another lawyer, schedule a free consultation today.

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What can a legal malpractice attorney help me prove?

In professional liability litigation, the main challenge is to prove that you have suffered a loss due to the negligence or misconduct of a member of the given profession. Most established professionals carry malpractice or other liability insurance, which helps to assure that the losses of injured clients can be recovered.

In lawsuits involving many professions, however, it is not only necessary to prove negligence and resulting losses, you also might need to show how the error or omission on the part of the defendant professional represented a failure to comply with recognized standards of practice or ethical conduct.

Proof of liability and damages can differ a great deal from one profession to another. For example, in a legal malpractice case involving dismissal of a personal injury claim due to your lawyer’s failure to meet a filing deadline, the plaintiff will often need to prove his or her entire personal injury case in the malpractice lawsuit, with the insurance company stepping into the shoes of the defendant.

What types of legal malpractice cases do you work on?

The experience and skill with personal injury litigation that our law firm has developed over the last 30 years can help you salvage a case that your previous lawyer lost through neglect or incompetence. We also pursue claims for professional liability against such defendants as the following:

Insurance brokers, agents or public claims adjusters

Securities brokers or traders, usually in arbitration proceedings

Medical professionals and health care providers of all kinds

Pension administrators

Police officers, sheriff’s deputies and licensed private security guards

Nursing home administrators

Clergy, marriage counselors, psychologists, and other counselors

Breach of fiduciary duty claims against trustees, guardians, conservators, or others entrusted with the assets or personal welfare of another

To help ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation you deserve, it’s important immediately contact a lawyer who can begin working on your case.

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