When Technology And Teens Are A Good Mix

What does the future look like with Chevy’s teen driver technology?

Now that I have a daughter in high school, I becoming more aware of teens and driving, and the “distracted driving” problems that are an epidemic, thanks to smart phones and the constant need for this young demographic to be social every minute of the day.

I must admit, Chevy’s “Teen Driver” technology which I was recently exposed to, left me very impressed. It is a little “Big Brotherish” and may seem a bit intrusive to your teen but well worth it if it increases the safety of our teen drivers. Chevy is now selling cars that set speed alerts, limit radio volume and allow us to download and track a teen driver’s recent driving habits. Other car manufacturers offer similar technology and there is even talk of trying to figure out a way not let drivers use their phones while driving.

Some facts to remember:

  • Teen drivers are more likely than the rest of us to speed (Still maturing brains and frontal cortexes)
  • Teens are more likely than adults to not wear seatbelts. (Only 55% of high school kids wear seatbelts hen riding with another person – again the brain thing.)
  • Nine out of ten teens play loud music while driving.
  • The fatal crash rate per mile drive for 16-19 year olds is three times the rate for drivers ages 20 and over.

Chevy’s In-Vehicle Report Card

Chevrolet has put a lot of resources and marketing behind their in-vehicle report card, which reports back to parents on the total distance driven, maximum speed, how many times they were going over a set speed, forward collision alerts and other safety measures. My favorite features are not allowing teens to turn on the radio until their seatbelts are on, and limiting the volume!

This technology is designed so that parents can review a “driving report card” with their child after they drive, so that they can both get more comfortable with safe teen driving. We see so many accidents that don’t need to happen and products like this are truly innovative in helping us protect our kids. Chevy is the first in the industry with this built-in system which doesn’t require a subscription. I expect we will continue to see more innovations from automobile manufacturers and cell phone carriers to help keep our teens safe on the road.